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Check yourself before you wreck yourself

… because there’s plenty of advice that’s bad for your health.

Get quality nutrition to become your best self. No fad diet & no gimmicks.

Real science. Real life. Real Results.

the Well-fed family

A simple, step-by-step solution to learn how to feed yourself and your family well – without losing your mind.

Eat for Duty,
Eat for Life

A real-life nutrition program made for first responders to get strong, leaner & better in the context of both shift work & home life.

becoming a Well-Fed Woman

A comprehensive, 6-month group coaching program for women only who are ready to quit dieting

Hey! I’m Lisa D.

I know how hard it is to be lost in a body that doesn’t feel like you. I was stuck there myself after having three babies. Using fundamental nutrition habits (and some heavy-ass weight training), I found myself again, lost 40 lbs. in the process, and still enjoyed delicious food. I love how simple and doable this is and it’s my mission to make it that way for you.

“Let’s change the way we eat. Let’s change the way we live. Let’s change the way we treat each other.” - Tupac

Quit the diet b.s.
Get a better solution.

You don’t have to go to extremes or quit all your favorite things to feel amazing inside and out. I’ll help you get stronger, leaner, and better using real science and real life to achieve real results.

No fad diets, no gimmicks, and no b.s.

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