Are you ready to build THE business and life of your dreams?

Hell yes, let's go!

We don't play small around here.

the world needs badass female leaders.

Are you ready for more energy, confidence, and clarity to consistently kick ass in business and life? It’s time to ditch the burnout, uncertainty, and frustration.

It’s time to become the strong, resilient, and badass leader you are capable of.

get clear AF

Get crystal clear on your goals and priorities, including what you want and don’t want, and the exact steps you need to take to get there.

get smart AF

Work with, not against, your natural talents and motivators to build a business and life of your dreams, rooted in evidence-based leadership and resiliency skills.

GEt strong AF

Overcome challenges, navigate conflict like s boss, keep your priorities in check, and experience wild levels of success – without compromise.

Hey! I’m Lisa Desilet.

I know how hard it is to be lost in a business that’s running your life. I was stuck there myself after 10 years of grinding towards something I no longer wanted.

As a leadership coach and wellness expert, I’m on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs like you to ditch the overwhelm, the imposter syndrome, and any other bullshit holding you back so that you can find your strength, purpose, and badassery.

Using evidence-based leadership skills and resiliency habits, we will unlock your potential and leverage those big, beautiful gifts of yours to create a business and life of your dreams. I’ve dedicated my career to helping others discover these skills in real, tangible, and meaningful ways that don’t just take your business to the next level, but will change your life.

Let's do this.

my favorite words of wisdom:


- Ice Cube

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