Welcome to leadership: redefined

The world needs you

Check yourself before you wreck yourself...

because POOR LEADERSHIP is bad for your health and for business.

Don’t get stuck in the thinking that you’re either born a leader or not. That’s bullsh*t. You can learn to be a strong, effective, resilient and bada** leader with the right skills.

Leadership is learned.


The hell I am.

I am a leadership coach, not a business coach. I won’t talk to you about marketing, sales funnels or conversions. I don’t spend my time researching the best launch strategies, perfect product pricing, or social selling.I don’t care about that sh*t. I care about you.

  • How you talk to yourself, your people and your clients/customers
  • How you approach conflict
  • How you manage stress & stressful situations
  • How you set expectations and ensure your people deliver
  • How you protect your priorities while also driving toward success
  • How you navigate change.

Business coaching focuses on the business you build. Leadership coaching focuses on you. If you’ve done all the things to build a successful business but are feeling lost in the process, maybe it’s time to shift your focus a bit.

Hey! I’m Lisa D.

I’m a firm believer in what the late Maya Angelou taught us:

When we know better, we can do better.

Many of us are taught that leadership requires us to give everything of ourselves – our time, or energy, our well-being and even our joy. Not anymore. 

Welcome to Leadership – Redefined where we take the old rules of leadership and rewrite them. This is a new era where leadership can be an integration of our passion, drive and resilience.

Let's do this.


A small-group coaching program the provides high-touch support for the biggest leadership challenges you face inside an invested community of female entrepreneurs.


A DIY leadership program that equips you with the essential leadership skills to step up and lead everyday and grow a wildly successful business.

integrate: together

A couples’ intensive designed for like-minded people to come together and elevate their business, relationships, and life to new heights.

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