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As a leadership coach, busy mom of three, and #firewife, and l know first had how hard shit can be sometimes. Juggling family, career, self-care… no wonder you’re feeling exhausted-AF. Don’t worry, I gotchu. Stick around for a few tips & tricks to help you make this whole “life” things just a little bit easier. No b.s., shame or guilt. Just real-life, everyday ways to calm the chaos.

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First Responders

hey, i’m Lisa D.

I know how hard it is to be lost in a business that’s running your life. I was stuck there myself after 10 years of grinding towards something I no longer wanted.

As a leadership coach and wellness expert, I’m on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs like you to ditch the overwhelm, the imposter syndrome, and any other bullshit holding you back so that you can find your strength, purpose, and badassery.


A simple, step-by-step solution to keep your family happy, healthy & well-fed – without losing your mind.

Eat for Duty, Eat for Life

A real-life nutrition program made for first responders to get strong, leaner & better – without all the b.s.


A comprehensive nutrition program specifically for women who struggle with the rollercoaster of dieting.

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