Are you ready for a #badass book club?

hell yes, let's go!

I know you’re listening to podcasts, you’ve got Audible on your phone, and a stack of books waiting to find their spot on a bookshelf. You want to learn and improve. You’re committed to taking some action… yet seem to fall short.

Maybe you’re turning and burning through books too fast to ever put them into practice…


You’re buying more than your reading and that stack on your nightstand now feels intimidating…

you're always exploring new ways of thinking, challenging your limitations, and trying to unlock your potential

better together

This expert-led community book club is for people like you who have a desire the learn and grow, but need some direction and support.

This is for people who are willing to do the work but don’t want the cost of a course, program, or coach.

My goal for the #Badass Book Club is to welcome anyone ready, willing, and able to be a part of a transformative community. It is for people hungry for a challenge; not afraid to explore new ways of thinking; willing to question their assumptions; ready to unlock their potential.

can you afford it?

What’s the cost of staying the same because things are “fine”?

What’s the cost of feeling awkward silence with your family, not knowing how to connect?

What’s the cost of needing a buffer with your partner so you can hide from the lack of intimacy?

Maybe those aren’t the costs you were thinking of, but those are the costs you need to be aware of. Life doesn’t let you “stand still”. It will always move forward and if you aren’t moving forward with it, you are falling behind.

In terms of money, I’ve priced this book club to make it incredibly accessible so that virtually anyone can join.

But they won’t.

It’s not that it’s too expensive or doesn’t fit their budget. It’s because they are afraid. And even at $19 per month, it is too high a price…

This community is an investment – in yourself, your relationships, and your life. Saying YES will require you to show up in a new and bigger way.

Expect to be challenged, see things differently, feel uncomfortable, and own up to the ways your ego and limiting beliefs keep you small. As I said, it’s an investment, and not everyone will make it.

Will you?

and it's only $19 / month

That's it?

This is the least expensive investment you will ever make in your development.

If you want to move up at work and show your boss your fantastic potential… Join the book club.

If you want to be a more present, optimistic, and intentional parent who feels connected to their kids… Join the book club.

If you want to grow yourself and your relationship so you communicate better, have more intimacy and have a solid partnership… Join the book club.

Why am I doing this?

In over 20 years of marriage, this is the best our relationship has ever been and I attribute most of that to reading books together.

My friendships have transformed as a 40+ woman from feeling superficial to having a true, deep, and real connection.

I am more confident as a parent (particularly with teens) to help my kids navigate any challenges that come up now or in the future.

I see myself differently. I’ve expanded my thinking about myself and the world; I’ve learned to advocate for what I need and also accept myself as I am. In short, I’ve unlocked potential I didn’t see before.

all from reading books + applying what i learn to my life

doors arE open

If you’re ready, there is a place here for you. In fact, invite a friend or your partner to join you. We will kick off our first book club event at the end of May.

All the details will be included in a follow-up email once you enroll.

“When do you meet and for how long?”

We are scheduled to meet for our online, virtual community session on the last Wednesday of every month at 7 pm mountain time for 60-75 minutes. Bring a glass of wine, some tea, or your favorite sparkling water, and get ready to be a part of something #badass

“What if I can’t make the session?”

All good. Catch us next month. Because the power lies in the live community session, there will not be a recording to watch. There will, however, be thoughtful prompts for you to complete on your own if you happen to miss.

“What if I don’t like the book | have read the book before?”

That, my friend, is a fixed mindset and we don’t do that here. Stay open to see what comes and allow yourself to be surprised. I firmly believe it’s better to read one exceptional book 10x instead of 10 mediocre books 1x.

“But what if life happens and I have to cancel?”

I get it. Send an email at least seven days before to your next scheduled payment and I will cancel. I can’t guarantee that when you re-enroll the price will be the same. 

Still have more questions?

Send me an email.

The #Badass Book Club

an online community
$ 19
  • Online platform with easy access.
  • Small, powerful community of like-minded people.
  • Easy to participate and learn.
  • Led by an expert facilitator and coach.

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