confident, resilient leadership is hard-af.

hell yes, it is!

You are a leader in your field – as an entrepreneur, small business owner, and thought leader. You aren’t afraid to take charge and be one go-to’s for others. You are driven, high-performing, and passionate about the work you do.

But damn, you’re exhausted.

You know full well that taking the role of “leader” brings its own unique challenges and you wish someone could relate. You collaborate and work well with your colleagues but are struggling with the compromises you often have to make – between your work and home priorities.

You’re looking for some help and wish you could find support from someone who can speak to the challenges of leadership & entrepreneurship without taking the “at all cost” approach.

Hi. I'm Lisa Desilet.

Leadership Coach

I talk to driven, successful business owners who are completely burnt out on trying to balance it all and don’t know how to stop. They’re juggling a number of competing priorities between work and home but nothing is performing at peak – not their family, not their business, and certainly not themselves.

What’s missing is a solid foundation of integrated skills – a combination of leadership and wellness – that are the difference between barely staying afloat and actually thriving.

I’m here to propose a new way of business: Integrated Leadership

One that teaches you essential, evidence-based skills so you can quit the “either/or” and find the “both/and” in your business and life. You want to be wildly successful, healthy and thriving.

Let’s do this.

You have big aspirations for your business and want to share them with the world.

You know you can impact people and show up as a strong, resilient leaders.

You want to be wildly successful without compromising yourself.

You believe it’s possible to have all this and more, you just need some support.

i created integrated leadership coaching just for you.

You’ve dipped your toe into learning about leadership – either through a podcast or audiobook, but nothing formal. Up until now, your investments all are in growing and scaling your business.

You haven’t invested in a one-on-one leadership coach before – maybe a mastermind or group, but nothing this high-touch (and accountable – yikes!). You’re nervous to pull the trigger because you don’t know how it will impact your business or life. You know you need something, but can’t quite clarify it. 

The real challenge you’re facing is burnout – juggling a family and a career, without losing your sh*t. You keep hoping leadership will eventually come to you but repeatedly you know you’re missing the mark. In short, you’re feeling a bit stuck and are ready for something real, something long-lasting. 

Ideally, the right person will help you discover what’s missing. You need someone who sees your potential, your business, and you team and can bring clarity. 


integration without burnout

If you’re like me, you have thoughts, feelings and assumptions about leadership. Some might be helpful, others… not so much.

I recently spoke with a new leader who mentioned how she believes leadership is about self-sacrifice. She went on to label it as a “special gift” reserved for people who are servants – willing to sacrifice themselves for their team and the success of the business. In short, she saw leadership as a form of martyrdom.

This type of assumption about leadership is the very reason we are seeing leaders burn-the-F out, across all industries, in all levels of leadership. 

Many of us mistakenly believe leadership requires an “at all cost” level of commitment to be successful. In the past few years, we’ve really challenged this decades old (and I mean O-L-D) thinking and the cultural beliefs supporting it. We’re embarking on a new era where this is no longer acceptable or welcomed.

It’s time to check ourselves before you wreck ourselves because poor, ineffective, exhausted leadership is bad for health and business.


leadership coaching for strong, resilient, bada$$ people

When people work with me as a Leadership Coach, we do a major upgrade.

There are things about you that are amazing – super powers – in the way you view yourself, how you communicate, and the way you work. Sometimes, these qualities can get labelled at “too much” or “not enough”. (Hi! It’s me.)

I think this is bullsh*t.

My job, as your Leadership Coach, is to help you understand exactly how these unique (and beautiful) qualities can be leveraged to help you be wildly successful without compromising what’s most important.

This looks like understanding:

  • How you talk to yourself, your people and your clients/customers
  • How you approach conflict
  • How you manage stress & stressful situations
  • How you set expectations and ensure your people deliver
  • How you protect your priorities while also driving toward success
  • How you navigate change
  • How you ask for what you need and advocate for yourself

We also discuss what motivates you vs. what you find stressful and how to balance the two (aka: avoid burnout).

But building a wildly successful business isn’t just about you. We have to think about your team, your colleagues, and your clients. How do they approach work, stress, communication? What messages are you unintentionally sending them and what type of culture are you building?

See, the sign of a good leader is one who can leverage their strengths while also considering what others need. A great leader skills up in specific ways to provide a beautiful blend of direction and support in a way that really lands for others. They model foundational, essential and healthy skills that others to see and emulate.

This is what builds loyalty and trust. This is what makes people want to work with you and stay. This is what saves your relationships and ensures you are building a wildly successful business to last.

There isn’t a single “right” way to do this (but I do think this way is certainly the better.) 

Whatever you’re doing now isn’t working. If you’re ready for something new, something better, why not try Integrated Leadership Coaching with me, Lisa D.

"If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa, expect to be a stronger and better person; expect to learn more about yourself. She'll show you how to grow into someone great."

Denice M.

1:1 coaching Client


$ 497
  • High-touch support to develop essential leadership skills
  • Real-time feedback via mobile app for learning and communication
  • Evidence-based practices rooted in behavior change science
  • 6 or 12-month commitment for lasting, sustainable success
  • Paid-in-Full discounts available

Is this right for me?

During our first month together, we will do some deep evaluations of your current state, your future state, and how to get there. Together we will reverse engineer this and build a plan quarter by quarter. Each month, you will identify key priorities to focus on as you develop.

Once those are established, here’s a snapshot of a typical month of leadership coaching with me:

  • Daily check-in via my coaching app, including unlimited chat.
  • Weekly reflection on wins & challenges.
  • Bi-weekly 45-min Zoom calls to debrief both.
  • Regular skill-building and learning activities assigned according to development goals.


Weekly time commitment: approx. one hour, unless we have a Zoom call that week.

I’ve designed this program to create small, incremental change that is transformational and these daily and weekly habits are key.

It’s not more, it’s better.

Listen, friend. Leadership development is inherently self-development. If you are struggling with leading your own business – whether you have employees or not – you need to skill-the-f-up. If you struggle with imposter syndrome, worry you aren’t good enough to charge your worth, pitch to that podcast, or even view yourself as a leader, you won’t ever have people willing to listen to or follow you. Think about the ways you can move your business forward by investing in yourself!

All good. The people you bring into your business (either as an employee or contractor), are looking to YOU to lead them. They might be the subject matter expert of a particular field, but you are the damn leader. So… how are you leading them? How do you communicate your ask, provide guidance, direction and support as they refine and deliver what you need? How do you build meaningful relationships so they want to continue contracting with you? If you don’t invest in your leadership, you’ll become just another business booty call, where people take what the want from you then leave for something better.

Cool! You’ve self-identified as a leader. This means you have influence. The great thing about influence is it doesn’t just flow down to the people you lead. It also flows up to the people who lead you! Skilling up to not only support others, but also support and advocate for yourself to your higher-ups is an amazing lightbulb that not many people get to experience. It is one of the most empowering things you can do for your career.

I’ll be honest… everything we will tackle takes time. If you can’t commit to 12 months, maybe six months is a place to start. Without a long-haul mentality, though, this is likely not the right time for you. If you need a quick fix, go listen to a podcast or read a book. But don’t be surprised by the struggle of implementing what you learn. That shit is hard and requires patience.

I study behavior change in addition to leadership and wellness because it’s my damn job. All the research points to long-term support for lasting change. I am that support. Information is everywhere and easy to find but implementation is the missing piece. I bridge the gap between learning and doing… and it’s likely 12-month journey or longer.

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