are you hungry for something... different?

It's time to level up.

Ice Cube reminds us to “check yo’self before you wreck yo’self” because there’s a lot of thing bad for our health. How you approach business and live could be one of them…

You take your work seriously. You work your ass off for your clients and show up strong for whatever is in front of you. Why then does all this feel so.damn.hard?

It’s doesn’t have to.

My goal is to help you build a business and life of your dreams, make a massive impact with your work, and to still prioritize yourself and your relationships in the process.

i created a program just for you.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You hate mediocrity. In fact, even the thought of being labelled “average” will cause you to grind away until late at night.  But you realize this is no way to live. You’ve got a family, important relationships, and yourself to care for.

Life as a female entrepreneur is stressfulAF. The last thing you want is more stress with complicated business plans and more on your to-do list. You are looking for something that will actually make the juggling act easier and (dare I say) sustainable. No more feeling like everything is about to come crashing down – clients, family, and your own health.

You love your work. In fact, you pride yourself on how damn good you are at what you do. The last thing you want is someone bossing you into what you should or shouldn’t do.  You want to grow your business, enjoy the success you work your ass off to achieve, and still have time for the people and things that are most important to you.


Clarify your unique strengths, motivators, and stressors so that you can lean into what lights you up.

Use strategies that actually work to help you become the influential and impactful business owner people want to work with.

Handle conflict with ease, navigate change fluidly, and hold boundaries like the boss you are.

Build daily habits and behaviors that support your health and business to be the best they’ve ever been.

it's not more... just different

If you’re like me, you have thoughts, feelings and assumptions about what it takes to be successful. Some of these might be helpful, others… not so much.

These assumption about business are the very reason we are seeing women burn-the-F out, in business and in life. 

Many of us mistakenly believe this requires an “at all cost” level of commitment to work. Nope.

In the past few years, we’ve seen challenges to decades old (and I mean O-L-D) thinking and the beliefs supporting an unhealthy relationship between work and life. We’re embarking on a new era where this is no longer required (or even desired).

It’s time to check ourselves before you wreck ourselves because these unhealthy, ineffective, exhausted approaches are bad for business and life.

1:1 coaching to help you become strong, resilient, & badass

Are you ready for a major upgrade?

As your coach, it’s my job to uncover all the amazing things about you (super powers) to upgrade the way you view yourself, how you communicate, and the way you work.

Unfortunately, these qualities sometimes get labelled at “too much” or “not enough”. (Hi! It’s me.)

I think this is bullsh*t.

I will help you understand exactly how these unique (and beautiful) qualities can be leveraged to be wildly successful without compromising what’s most important.

This looks like:

  • Delivering the right about of guidance to help you identify where you’re at, where your going, and exactly how to get there. 
  • Providing the perfect type of support to increase your awareness, update your mindset, and skill the F up to conquer any challenges that comes your way.
  • Holding you accountable for those big, beautiful aspirations you have and the action required to to achieve them.

Whatever you’re doing now isn’t working. If you’re ready for something different, you’re ready for 1:1 coaching with me.

if you're ready to create a business and life you love, let's chat.

"If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa, expect to be a stronger and better person; expect to learn more about yourself. She'll show you how to grow into someone great."

Denice M.

1:1 coaching Client

Is this right for me?

During our first month together, we will do some deep evaluations of your current state, your future state, and how to get there. Together we will reverse engineer this and build a plan quarter by quarter. Each month, you will identify key priorities to focus on as you develop.

Once those are established, here’s a snapshot of a typical month of leadership coaching with me:

  • Daily check-in via my coaching app, including unlimited chat.
  • Weekly reflection on wins & challenges.
  • Recurring face-to-face checkins to debrief your progress, challenges, and needs.
  • Consistent skill-building and learning activities to support your  development.

Weekly time commitment: approx. one hour, unless we have a Zoom call that week.

I’ve designed this program to create small, incremental change that is transformational and these daily and weekly habits are key.

It’s not more, it’s better.

You and I both know that change takes time. We don’t do any “quick fix” shit around here. That stuff doesn’t last. For real, lasting change that will carry you to a new level in business and life, expect a minimum of six months.

I have a standard program for 6 or 12 months or a VIP Intensive for 6 six months that include more frequent engagements, a faster pace, and some radical responsibility for the right person.

Listen, friend. Leadership and Business development are inherently self-development. If you are struggling with leading your own business – whether you have employees or not – you need to skill-the-f-up. If you struggle with imposter syndrome, worry you aren’t good enough to charge your worth, pitch to that podcast, or even view yourself as a leader, you won’t ever have people willing to listen to or follow you in any capacity

Think about the ways you can move your business forward by investing in yourself!

Use the scheduler above to find 30 minutes for us to chat. 

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