Eat for Duty, Eat for Life

hell yes, let's go!

Eat, feel and look like you give a damn.

You take your career seriously. You work hard, train hard and show up well-prepared for duty and life. So why don’t you look and feel like it?

You hate dieting. You’ve tried them  in the past but they were always unsustainable.  You want a solution that will help you look & feel good without compromising your performance on duty.

Life as a first responder is stressfulAF. The last thing you want is more stress with complicated meal plans. You are looking for something easy & sustainable that fits into your busy life. No more on/off dieting, long lists of food rules or other b.s. You want a simple solution that easily fits into your life.

You love food. In fact, you pride yourself on your ability to make some damn good food. The last thing you want is someone bossing you into what you can/can’t eat. You want to enjoy yourself and still look like you work your ass off – because you do.

That’s where I come in.

My goal is to help you become stronger, leaner and better, and to stay well-fed in the process.

Build strength, lose weight & have more energy.

Achieve your goals – even when life gets crazy.

No complicated rules, weird diets or other b.s.

Protect your health, support your life, and still enjoy yourself

A functional approach to eating - not a diet.

As an active first responder – 

Recognize the health risks of your career and actively work to protect yourself.  Get really clear on why this is important and how you can work toward a healthy, happy retirement.

Identify the demands of your life – both on duty & at home – and actively work to support your goals. No matter what this looks like, you can still get leaner, stronger & better.

Understand how food works so you can to maximize freedom. Learn to enjoy what you eat every day, include your favorites (without having to wait for your next “cheat day”).

"I’m someone who’s always struggled with food and finding the right things to eat so I can be better at my job. It was so nice the way Lisa broke it down in a simple form. She understands that we have lives that can sometimes get in the way of being healthy. She made this easy for me and I’ve learned a lot."


First Responder Nutrition

Eat for Duty | Eat for Life

$ 297
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials broken into five separate modules that help you learn at your own pace.
  • Small, yet powerful nutrition practices to improve strength, get leaner and perform better.
  • Simple habits that are easy to follow both on & off duty with a real-life approach that is doable.
  • Live, monthly coaching calls to help you work through challenges.
  • Lifetime access so you can revisit whenever you need.

Is this right for me?

Eat for Duty | Eat for Life consists of five modules total. Each module includes a training video, homework assignments & group discussions.  Once you enroll, you have access to the first module immediately and every week, a new module rolls out.  Start to finish, you are looking at about a month for full access, but you and I both know it takes a helluva lot longer than that for things to change.  

The goal is to give you time to think through, learn & try the different lessons in each module.  I get some people like to learn all the things then do all the things while others like to learn & do as they go.  There is no rush to complete this immediately and (again) the goal is to give you time to learn, implement, adjust and repeat.  Remember, you get lifetime access to the program as long as it’s available (including all the content updates).  You can come back and revisit as many times as you need to keep learning & improving.

Yes. Each module contains homework. It’s one thing to learn the stuff and its a whole other thing to actually do it.

Newsflash: we live in the information age. While you have access to literally all the knowledge on Planet Earth thanks to Google, you (and I) suck and putting that knowledge to any use. The homework in Eat for Duty | Eat for Life is designed to to give you step-by-step action items to implement after each training. These items build on one another. What you learn in Module 1 will help you be successful in Module 2. This applies to each subsequent module as well.

The content in Eat for Duty | Eat for Life is designed to be a self-paced, self-directing learning program. I’ve put as much information, training & tools into this program to help you be successful on your own.  I am very active in the discussion & online community included in the program to answer questions & offer support. 

Once per month, I host a Live coaching call via Zoom to answer questions & provide real-time feedback. You’ll receive an invite to these sessions.

Absolutely! At the end of the program, you’ll have the option to add  a Nutrition Power Hour. During this session, we do a deep-dive to discuss the uniqueness of your body, life and goals.

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