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There’s too much advice
that’s bad for your health.

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Five Nights of Family Dinner

Stop struggling with what’s for dinner and get a simple solution for five nights of delicious, healthy and easy dinner (including a grocery list).

Beginner’s Guide to First Responder Nutrition

How the hell do you even start? Use this simple guide and master the basics so you can eat food you love and still get results. No bland-ass food and no b.s.

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Get Your Sh*t Together

Get your sh*t together with better habits to help you reach your goals with this easy-to-use bundle. Included are: a habit tracker, a goal-setting workbook, and a beginner’s guide to exercise.

Bonus: Use the dining out guide to help you navigate restaurants options with ease.


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Make Meal Planning Your B*tch

Ready to make meal planning & prep your b*tch? It’s time to kick ass and take names as you learn simple tips & habits to support you and your busy family, no matter what your schedule looks like.

Bonus: Kid’s Lunch Ideas to help those lil’ boogers pack their own damn lunch – that’s actually healthy.


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#NoSugarNoFun Challenge

Cut out all the fun for 30-days with this comprehensive, no sugar / no alcohol / no-fun challenge. You’ll get access to a No Sugar Challenge Guide and daily emails to support you because you’ll need it. This sh*t ain’t easy.

Bonus: Curb Your Cravings guide to help you manage those hellacious cravings that can make you intolerable.


Shop My Faves

All my favorite products in one location. From protein powder, supplements and a giant refrigerator menu, I put together the things I use on the daily just for you.

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