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Take the headache out
of “What’s for dinner?”

I talk to moms and dads every day who share what a pain it is to try and eat healthy. What I hear most is that they desperately want to eat better but they can’t get their family on board. 

Having experienced this myself as a former yo-yo dieter turned competitive bodybuilder, I never saw anything that helped me manage healthy eating in the context of a family with busy schedules. I was always forced to either “stick to my plan” or make food my family would eat. There was no way to do both.

That’s why I created The Well-Fed Family

In this easy to follow, self-paced program, you’ll get my exact step-by-step process to feed your family well and still reach your goals without losing your mind. No more restrictive, boring meal plans; no more hoping things get better “someday”. Just delicious food to support your real life and take the headache out of weekly meal planning & cooking.

Save time with simple hacks to help you plan & cook delicious, healthy meals your whole family will love.

Save money with a done-for-your grocery shopping list loaded with all the goods you need (and like!).

Save energy by following the exact system I use to plan & make meals for my family – that works with your schedule, no matter how busy.

Save your sanity by knowing exactly how to keep your family happy, healthy & well-fed without all the b.s. or food waste.

A tried & true system to be happy, healthy & well-fed - without losing your mind

Ditch the latest fad diets, complicated meal planners and recipe blogs. Learn to simple, supporting and sustainable skills to feed your family well.

Planning, shopping and cooking for a busy, active family can be a pain in the a$$. Between picky eaters, different bodies, and varying goals, it can feel defeating to try and keep up.

There’s an easier way and I can help.

Instead of the all-or-nothing approach, learn my simple, sustainable, and step-by-step system to make this easy – one day, one meal at a time.

The result? You’ll get more time back in your week to spend with your family. You’ll know the difference between what matters and what to ignore. And you’ll take back control of your health and show your family how to do the same.

Can you imagine a future where your grown children have never experienced the dumpster fire that is yo-yo dieting? You can equip them (and yourself) with the tools, strategies, and skills to never have to diet – ever.

"If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa, expect to be a stronger and better person; expect to learn more about yourself. She'll show you how to grow into someone great."

Denice M.

1:1 Nutrition Client


$ 147
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials that make learning easy.
  • Simple tools and resources for the whole family.
  • Online community for real-time support & live coaching.
  • Immediate access - for life.

Is this right for my family?

Ain’t no thang. I designed this program to help you identify your own goals and learn how to eat accordingly. The elements are the same no matter what but you’ll learn the easy hacks to support your entire family, regardless of if you want to lose weight, gain muscle, perform better or just get healthier.

All good. This program will help you understand the variance from person to person so you’re equipped to make this easy. Make the same food in the same meal, but maybe in slightly different portions, depending on your individual goals & priorities.

Cool! For your littles, teach them now the importance of good eating habits and food choices so they don’t have to struggle with dieting the way adults today do. Having older kids allows for some great conversations about what’s important, why, and how to achieve it. Food is just a vessel for bigger things like: feeling strong & confident, knowing our bodies are healthy, and connecting deeper to big goals (instead of worrying about food all the time).

There’s no rule book that says going out occasionally is “off-limits” and not part of a normal, healthy life. If anyone’s made you think that, they’re full of sh*t. This program will teach you exactly how to do this – minus the guilt or feeling like you “fell off the wagon”.

I teach real-life nutrition. That means that as life changes for you, I want you to have this solution as long as you need it. That’s why you get lifetime access to this program. As updates are made, you get access. No timeline & no limits.

Absolutely! At the end of the program, you’ll have the option to add  a Nutrition Power Hour. During this session, we do a deep-dive to discuss the uniqueness of your family, each person’s goals, and their individual recommendations.

TAKE THE HEADACHE OUT OF “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” with Family Dinner: Tonight.

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